Friday, October 9, 2009

Here's a great new project that I took part in. It's a collection of very short and very scary stories. I worked on a story written by Josh Greenhut, who also did the adaptation for a Christmas Carol. The book is being sold to help First Book, an organization that gives books to children in need. Check out, you can post your own scary story.


  1. That looks really fun. I'm excited to check it out! Big fan of yours, keep up the excellent work!

  2. Wow! Can't wait to pick it up and support the cause. Would love to share some of these stories with my students!! Thanks for sharing, Lanett (

  3. I have read the Lemony Snicket's story, and it was very scary! > . <

  4. Hey there again Mr. Helquist!
    It's Yasmin, I'm sure you're very busy working on wicked books like this one, but just a friendly reminder about the Count Olaf tattoo. There's no rush of course, I just thought maybe you've forgotten.
    Thanks so much!
    Yasmin M.

  5. Hi Mr. Helquist :) A new fan here!
    I'd love to know your usual choice in media. It isn't just plain curiosity, I'm aspiring to be an illustrator(and also 'dying' to get into BYU), and I want to try a lot of methods and media so I can find a media I'm comfortable with and that gives me the results I'd like to have :)

    By the way... the work on the "Christmas Carol" book is superb!

  6. Miato,

    Thanks for your interest. I use acrylic and oil on watercolor paper, for the color and B&W paintings. The drawings are graphite. good luck.

  7. Dear Mr. Awesome illustrator,

    I am trying to draw a picture of you, but the only picture I could find wa the one of you with your eyes closed.

    Could you please send me a good picture of you to:

    P.S. Please chack out a portin of my art portfolio at: